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gan at the White House.White ▓House Press Secreta▓ry Stephanie G▓risham said earlier in the day Trump ▓was not watching ▓the hearing and was instead having mee▓tings Wednesday morning. Ye▓t, the presiden▓t was constantl▓y tweeting and r▓etweeting ▓about what was happening on C▓apitol Hill.Trump's tweets include video clips▓ of the hearing as well as crit▓ical comments from ▓Republicans▓. In two separate morning tweets, the president call▓ed the two witnesses "NEVER TRUMPERS▓" and urge▓d impeachment investigator▓s to "READ THE TRANSCRIPT" of his call with Ze▓l

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ensky that has ▓been released by the White House.Grisham said on Tw▓itter the witnesses "can't provide any first hand knowledge of▓ any wrongdoing" by Trump, and "have never e▓ven spoken" with the president during the impeachment i▓nquiry.Her claims were refuted by Chris Murphy, Democratic se▓nator from Connectic▓ut, who tweeted ▓that "plenty of people who talked▓ directly to Trump about the extorti▓on, and the White Ho▓use knows this because they ▓have refused to allo▓w any of them ▓to testify."Please scan th▓e QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlea

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se scan the QR C▓ode to follo▓w us on WechatChina on T▓uesday refuted remarks by U.S. and British ▓officials regarding the latest rio▓t in Hong Kong, calling the remarks a▓ reflection of hypocrisy and double standards.China refutes U.S., U.K. remarks on Hong Kong violenceChina refutes U.S., U.K. remarks on▓ Hong Kong violen▓ce11-13-201▓9 10:04 BJTBEIJING, Nov. 12 -- China on Tuesday▓ refuted remarks by U.S. and British officials regarding the latest ▓riot in Hong Kong, calling ▓the remarks a refl▓ection of hypocr▓isy and double stand▓ards.It was report▓e

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